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I want this one to be packed with features to the point of almost releasing another demo. New areas will probably take a backseat so the new demo will end at the same spot as the last one was, or maybe slightly later. I'm working on features this time, things I never programmed in the first time around but that will fully work:

 - Leveling up
 - Evolving
 - Catching Pokemon
 - Nicknaming Pokemon (As well as naming your own name & rival's)
 - Item Usage

I might wait until another demo to add box storage because it is a bit of a bitch to program, but I'm pretty excited about the next demo. Also, it will not have the horrible MIDI music but will have the old MP3's back :) Gonna be working on this all week for hours so stay tuned! 
I decided that, for the sake of saving time, I'm going to be posting all the updates to Pokemon Cursed Black to twitter instead of here. Follow me at !
LATEST UPDATE August 21, 2015

Main feature: Play a "hacked" version of Pokemon Red with a Pokemon "Ghost" that allows you to kill your opponent pokemon and opponent trainers as well. A lot of the features of the original game are remade in Game Maker 8, but not all.



LATEST UPDATE August 21, 2015

Main feature: Play a "hacked" version of Pokemon Red with a Pokemon "Ghost" that allows you to kill your opponent pokemon and opponent trainers as well. A lot of the features of the original game are remade in Game Maker 8, but not all.



LATEST UPDATE August 21, 2015

Main feature: Play a "hacked" version of Pokemon Red with a Pokemon "Ghost" that allows you to kill your opponent pokemon and opponent trainers as well. A lot of the features of the original game are remade in Game Maker 8, but not all.




Be sure to check back to see how much progress I can get in this summer vacation!

Pretty big gap in time between this release and last one, but there this is.

Download link:……
– Player will not be allowed to gain experience for any Pokemon after the first ever Rival battle.


– Player will be allowed to catch and collect Pokemon, but will not be counted towards the Pokedex. Instead, Cursing Pokemon will count.

- If player catches a Pokemon, whether it’s a one-time Pokemon (Legendary such as the birds or mewtwo) or not, it will NOT count towards the Pokedex. This means that you can either choose to catch them all, or curse them all, but not both.

- Pokemon can’t level up, meaning none of them will have impressive attacks. They are usable in battle, but the battles will be quite boring. Attacks planned are: Pound, Tail Whip, Growl, Tackle. This includes any “boss” battles like Gym Leaders and Elite Four. ALL Pokemon will have a combination of these attacks.


– Perks of catching Pokemon includes allowing Ghost to take form of 2nd Pokemon in Party. If you have an Articuno on your second slot, Ghost will come out but will look like an Articuno. If you want the original Ghost backsprite, simply deposit any extraPokemon in PC.…
it freaking works now! it was broken for about a year because my host moved servers on a really bad time in my life to sit down and fix it, but now i got a different host! redirects to it. i'll be making small updates on the game from there!
Listen to me ramble!: 
First of all, here it is!:

I'm very excited to show you guys this because I haven't made an update in about two months.... unfortunately shortly after the last update, I FAILED TO BACK UP THE CURSED BLACK FILE after I had to do a clean install of Ubuntu. This means, all the coding progress I made from when I first got out of summer, from May to the beginning of July, ALL THAT PROGRESS WAS FOR NONE AND I HAD TO START OVER. GODDAMNIT THIS PISSED ME OFF SO MUCH. I swear I was in a depression for a few days after that happened... and had to restart a lot of things I fixed in the last video from an older backup file. This set me back quite a lot. Now I'm not only caught up but I'm past the point where my last save file was.. AND now I have an active backup of the game file in my external hard drive and in dropbox. This is not going to happen again.

There isn't a HUGE amount of visible progress here because believe it or not, i've been bug-fixing all summer (i'm talking about bugs that were present in the LAST demo that I could never figure out but I finally sat down and fixed them), and finally I got enough things working to show a demo.

Right now the following works:

Creating a Pokemon
Pokemon learning attacks by level
Pokemon fainting
Pokemon being cursed
Party system with switching enabled
Trainer battles
Cursing Trainers (as in, tombstone curse, not verbal...)
Events with NPC (got my own language working in Game Maker)
Wild pokemon battles, real or with Ghost

here are the new things that are different from the original Pokemon Red:

- There is a building connecting all major maps (towns, routes)
- There is a building in Route 1, this is Blue's house
- Blue (female playable character, rival if not playable) is added
- Security guards at every town connection with new text
There has been a new video posted on youtube describing what I've been doing with Cursed Black, my life (briefly), and showcasing the game and some of it's changes. Check it out!

Lost Silver was a very simple game for me to finish. I already had the base engine done before I even HEARD about Lost Silver. All I had to do for Lost Silver was the maps, the NPC's, the graphics (some of them at least), the sounds, and the Pokemon data (unown levels, shiny). With most of the work done by the engine I previously had, Lost Silver was a piece of cake.

Cursed Black is NOT that piece of cake.

I started the engine from scratch on November 2010 or 2011.. it's been so long I can't even remember. Ever since then, my college classes have been taking a big toll of my time. None of you know this, but I'm shooting to get a Bachelors of Science in Biology. Biology, for those who are studying, takes up a FUCKTON of time to study because of term memorization and understanding concepts that almost seem surreal and fake until you see them applied in real life. That's mostly taking up most of my time -- college.

I also live on my own now, so I have to work way more hours to keep my apartment and bills. Comcast is such a cocksucker since I pay $60 for very shitty internet. Yet it's the only thing I'm allowed here. 

I have a girlfriend that I spend a lot of time with because we both get pooped and zapped of energy with always working. She's working as a vet tech for almost 14 hours sometimes while my own schedule consists of 4 hours of school and 8 hours of work a day. 

That being said, now that I don't have school or exams to worry about, it's fucking DEV TIME.
So I'm focusing on one aspect of Cursed Black -- Maps, and there's a lot of progress that has been happening over at Tohjo Falls! 

One day, this game will be complete in it's full glory. And you'll see the true meaning of packing more than one creepypasta into one game!…

more maps

moar moar moar
First, regular Cursed Black updates are posted at:…
There's been 5 new updated maps and there's more coming.

Second, the latest letter of anonymous T is fake (…). The original author never sent me the email I posted, it was some phony that I didn't try to check if it really was the author I used to contact. Re: Lost Silver will not be dropped because the original author isn't a jackass like I thought. Whoo! However, me and Draik will probably have to fill in the missing details in order to make the game.

Just remember, Cursed Black is being developed while Re: Lost Silver's story is being worked on. Again, I've started to update regularly. Tohjo Falls is getting updated more and more. Feel free to drop by and say hi!
ok well, let's be specific with what i'm trying to do here.

i'm mapping out everything that's going to be in the game as step one. i'm doing this in my spare time on my way to school, when i have free spots between my meals, and just in small increments.

i normally would update on, but the MySQL database host is doing horribly and it's not letting the site load. i sent an email to the owner 64digits to see if he lets me use his MySQL database so there's no more connection problems.

right now i'm workning viridian city, whoo!
this is a letter from the original lost silver author, the lying private guy.

i thought of today that one of the steps to updating the lost silver portion of would be to upload the emails me and him exchanged to see how the game "Hidden" was planned out, and to see the beta stages of "Re: Lost Silver" after it was scrapped. "Re: Lost Silver" was scrapped because the author wanted confetti when he released the story and he wasn't truly writing the story out of enjoyment.

"So I heard you're pissed off at me now because I didn't respond to your old messages? And you're pissed that I didn't do anything with the story for well over a year, so now I'm milking it or some shit like that? Well let's see if I can answer the questions you seem to have...

-Why has it taken me this long to do anything with the story?
Well military deployment tends to make you prioritize some things over others (life and service > video games). It also tends to make you disappear from the internet for 12 months, after which the last thing on your mind is checking the status of that one internet story you wrote before being deployed. So, a couple months after finishing my last deployment, I wanted to see if anyone had hijacked the story for themselves with the tidbits I sent you about the additional parts and finished it for me with their own ideas of what the game is like. No one did. So I played through the game again, wrote up what the "Ashes" part on Saturday, and returned to /x/ to post it on Sunday. Apparently, my lack of contact has angered you with my reappearance, so there's my explanation.

-Why did I stop contacting you and why is this a new email address?
First, I stopped contacting you because I was deployed overseas and had more important shit to worry about. Should be plain and simple as that. Next, why is this email a new one? Well it shouldn't be surprising that my past one was a temp email and, as with any temp email, you don't tend to remember your passwords after awhile. Especially after months of getting shot at.

-Am I milking the story?
I would think not, as I couldn't finish it last year as I planned, due to military service. Also, it's not like I have anything to gain from this story. I'm still anonymous and don't ever intend to place my name on it.

If you want to talk further, just reply. At this rate, especially with the reception I've seen from you and your people on deviantart, *I'm questioning whether or not this story is even worth finishing. Hell, if nobody cares anymore, I might as well just burn the fucking game already and forget about it.*"

"*I'm questioning whether or not this story is even worth finishing. Hell, if nobody cares anymore, I might as well just burn the fucking game already and forget about it.*"

"*if nobody cares anymore, I might as well just burn the fucking game already and forget about it.*

"*if nobody cares anymore*"

this last line is cringe-worthy to me.

What's it like to be a programmer? Well, I've been at it for so long that I don't even find it a novelty anymore. I used to think it was such a cool thing to be. I used to think that all the smart people were eventually going to gravitate towards programming because programmers were becoming the new elite group in this age of computers. So I wanted to be a cool kid in high school because I was already a loser. I had braces, I had an oily face full of pimples, and my hair was basically a pool of dry gel with only some hair in my head. Running my fingers through my hair in my first few years of high school meant ending up with a VERY sticky hand covered in gel. My hair style was so ridiculous because I didn't have a good friendship with anybody so the few times that strangers asked me about my hair, I never really considered their opinion because I didn't care for it. My hairstyle stayed the same because of my lack of friends telling me it was silly.

When I began to try to learn programming, I was already a hermit. I did NOT go outside my room unless it involved playing Pokémon with someone in my neighborhood ready to challenge me. Back when I had zero relationships, even with my family, Pokémon meant the world to me. I dreamt, I wished, I imagined that I would someday wake up in a world of Pokémon, where all my Pokémon knowledge would be found useful and people would validate me based on all the hard work I had put into this silly little game. I put in a TON of effort into memorizing all the Pokémon's powers, attacks, weaknesses, ONLY so I could be the master.

In the world where I was stuck inside most of the time NOT ONLY because I had no friends, but also because I had to stay in a lot to take care of my little autistic brother, my only hope at being happy inside a cave without an exit was to master this game in hopes of meeting someone to interact with. The few times I would go outside and meet other people with this game would make me happy of all the work I had put in. It made me look forward to going outside and meeting people because someone would validate my effort. I felt like all my work at making sure that I spent HOURS trying to raise a Pokémon that started to become things I identified with was not wasted.

However, this approach didn't get me far once I started to talk to more people. They would mock me, call me immature, a little kid, and call me a loser for not being into sports or cars or fashion like my peers.

Once I realized that simply knowing facts about a single game wasn't going to earn me any popularity anytime soon, I started to try to figure out another way of being the master and try to strengthen the bonds with those fellow nerds who I WAS going to interact with. That, is when I started to search OTHER Pokémon games on the web, hoping that both being the master of the official games and also being the master of underground hacked games, would mean I would be the master of Pokémon video games in general. I wanted to be great at SOMETHING, because when people got to see my Pokémon team, my effort, my knowledge, and my dedication to the game, I got what felt like the most satisfying validation. I didn't care if these people that validated me were at the bottom of the social ladder. All I cared was that SOMEONE, out there, was FINALLY validating me.

This is where my ambition grew. I was no longer satisfied playing hacked games. [i]I wanted to make my own[/i]. I felt like I had an unwritten story ready to be told, a story that could be carried among Pokémon fans for everyone to get to know. I creating a game was my attempt at reaching out to more than just fellow nerds trying to each other alive with pocket monsters.

Yet.. that was the end of it. I never got too skilled to be able to create dozens and dozens of games like some of my old programming peers. I didn't know how to draw, write a story, create music, and think of levels for games to actually make a FULL game, so I stopped being ambitious with the idea of programming. I learned very little, and I didn't get to do much. I did pretty much close to nothing. All I tried to do was to try to replicate a Pokémon game to the best of my ability, and I didn't get very far because of how many numbers and variables I have to deal with in my head. I was surrounded by endless numbers as I tried to write working code down, which FURTHER confused me. Everytime I tried to program something so complex, I got frustrated. I eventually stopped liking programming altogether because I wasn't good at like like I was with Pokémon, so I in my mind, I went, "why bother?" I ran into a wall. I ran into what felt like the end of my video game life. I was no longer getting satisfied with anything. I wasn't getting satisfied with programming my own game either because I had no idea what to do!

Also, has gotten updated.
Me and Draikinator had a misunderstanding on each other's timezones, so the interview I wanted to do with her never got done.

I'll be back to report more work once I have more time to work on this. I have three more weeks of school, i'm ALMOST done!