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Re: Lost Silver

The final official notes for the Lost Silver additions. These are STILL original notes that were supposed to be kept private. This is still the original author of the Hacked Silver Cartridge story.

"I'm not sure if you're interested in hearing this, but now that my midterms are over, I had some spare time to explore a bit more on this hacked game.  I have found the last secret "rooms" to go along with the previous three kinds of rooms mentioned (one of which is the one you are working on).  I believe I have found the true endings to this hacked Silver game, as you need to go through all four of these rooms to access them.  Seeing all of these together makes it appear like there actually is a "story" to this rather than random creepy situations.
It's unsettling on why there is so much effort from an unknown source placed into something that apparently allows only one playthrough - that fact alone makes it start to look even more suspicious than before.

Either way, nevermind all that crap.  I will go ahead and briefly summarize what I have found. Sorry if they are spoilers to the "story" (since I know this is entertainment to you and the readers lol).


First off, I did state last time that Rooms D belong to the rearranging Unowns section and Rooms C belong to the hidden section west of the black void.  I'm renaming Rooms D to C and Rooms C to E.  As I have noticed that you cannot go back to any previous main sections (with the exception of Rooms B heading to the very first room), I believe it is more appropriate it goes based in the order you can possibly encounter.  Just a minor note.


The first secret section was Rooms B, which regarded saying "NO" at the sign a couple times. You should already know about this one.


The second secret section was Rooms C mentioned before, where in the graveyard for the first time, you rearrange the Unowns in your team to spell "DIEDEH" and wait to be sent downwards spinning as before to access.

Rooms C feature a male Lv. 90 Houndoom named FOREVER whose OT (Original Trainer) appears to be someone named ???.  This section reveals some interesting things, including more about the item "[][]".  The Unowns here have red irises (like the ones on your "HIDDEN" logo).

After rearranging the Unowns and waiting, you will spin downwards as usual with a transition into the exact same room except a spiral path appears.  After going through this spiral path (and quickly realizing that Gold was facing only south the entire time while doing so), you end up transitioning to the Ruins of Alph.  During these events, your Houndoom learns the moves NIGHTMARE and THRASH for some reason.  You'll end up obtaining the "[][]" item in a room that suspiciously looks like the gray path room.  At the end, you'll be in Sprout Tower, in which you'll end up returning to the graveyard, continuing the main path to the red room with the long pillar.


The third secret section was Rooms D which I recently discovered, where in the red room with the very long pillar, you have to press the A button while facing the pillar (apparently doesn't matter from which end) where the generic white NPCs are at (I can't believe something so simple bypassed me like that).

Rooms D feature a regular Celebi, and it appears to be implied that the results of the incident lead to the shiny half-Celebi seen in the red room with the tall pillar.  The Unowns here have red bodies (besides their pupils).

You first end up in the same long pillar room except there are two more pillars added replacing the NPCs and the north path blocked.  Gold's sprite walks upside-down while doing this (rather ridiculous, I know).  After passing this room, you end up in unusual versions of the Ilex Forest, Ecruteak City, and the "Burned Tower".  I say "Burned Tower", as it appeared just like Sprout/Tin Tower on the inside the first time entered.  A Celebi appears during this and you end up having to battle an unusual Ho-oh with this Celebi and lose regardless (that Ho-oh outspeeds you and OHKOs you with Sacred Fire), sending you back to the red room with the long pillar.


The fourth secret section was Rooms E mentioned before (really only one room despite the "s"), where in the black void after going south from your house, somewhere in the middle before reaching the white void, you can head west, making a "wall jump" animation if done correctly.

Rooms E appears to be one single long room that behaves kind of like a slideshow.  It appears to be an explanation of Gold's history.  The Unowns here are completely red, to where you cannot even make out their pupils.

After heading westward, making the jump (and the slowed Unown radio starts playing), you will eventually transition to yet another black void.  From there, you apparently cannot move further west, nor north or south for the matter, so you can only head east.  From there, you will encounter a fair amount of "screenshots" that you just, in order, "walk" through (you are still a transparent "floating" Gold with white outlines in this), as if they were part of the background.  These screenshots appear to summarize Gold's history.  Some noteworthy screenshots include a female Cyndaquil vs. a male Totodile, a trade sequence with a Houndour, Gold vs. Red, the various abnormal screenshots, and apparently shots of the main path (one of which apparently revealed what was asked in the blank question in the gray path room).  It ends with the only image that isn't a screenshot, but rather apparently drawn in.  It was a disturbing image of Gold's lifeless, apparently agonizing void-eyed face, as if it came from one of those Lost Silver fanarts except in GBC form (LOL HYPERREALISTIC PHOTOGRAPHS).  You have to walk into one of his eyes to exit, concluding the disturbing slideshow room and back to the main path.


I do notice some consistencies:
* All of these secret sections appear to involve something "in the past"
* Also, just like the "main path", they all have Unowns spelling something out, some of which in rather creative ways (showing a picture in Rooms B, and PORTRAIT MAIL???  SERIOUSLY???)
* The Unowns have changed sprites from the norm, all involving changing a part red (what a nice color to make everything into)
* They all start in sections that are similar in appearance to the room in which you access the section from in the first place
* They each have an "already decided" battle in it (with the exception of Rooms E not even having a battle)
* Distortions of already existing music
* Distortions to Gold's world sprite, both in appearance and how he moves
* They end in towers besides Rooms E (it bothers me that they are all different ones - it doesn't really help in figuring out where the hell you are in the main path)
* None of these rooms can be accessed a second time in one run-through


Those "rooms" do not appear to be alternate paths at all as first implied, but rather keys to unlocking a final section.

After going through all four secret sections, the second time you reached the graveyard (main path) appears darker than usual.  From here, you end up engaging into a "battle" that I find the most confusing in this entire ordeal.  I'm not even sure if I should call it a "battle", as there is next to no sense in this "battle" whatsoever, both in regards to the menu and the sprites in it.  It showed various spelled out words of the Unown that occurred throughout this game and had random sprites appearing and changing.  I can't figure out how to work it out at all.

All I know is that apparently this "battle" doesn't have forced results, so you can win or lose.  Whatever happens leads to different results.  Losing the "battle" apparently gets you the "bad end", where you get placed into a red version of the graveyard with a textbox later showing up saying "..."

Winning the "battle" gets you the "good end" where you end up back in the first room, with the exception that there is now a path that leads to the exit south (and the fact that you're still invisible despite moving).  Exiting brings you to a white void with a textbox later showing up saying "R.I.P. PKMN TRAINER GOLD", apparently being the final ending of this game."
These are the notes that are going to be the basis of the next game in the Lost Silver series: Re: Lost Silver. Some of you might have seen Draikinator's art, "Ashes," and this is what she means.
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